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13' x 50' Rental

Posted 12-30-2019

13' x 50' "SHASTA Garage" for Rent


$599 PER MONTH, Month to Month
$575 PER MONTH, One year lease

This is our Shasta Garage. It is the Swiss Army Knife of garages. Big enough to store any size RV, with a 71' approach that makes access easy. Access is 24 x 7 along with an alarm system, electrical outlets, insulation, automatic door, interior lighting. Your RV stays clean and ready to go.


  • 16' -18' Ceiling height
  • Fire sprinklers
  • Garage alarm system paid by HOA
  • Automatic sectional doors
  • 4,000 PSI concrete floors
  • 100 amp sub panels
  • Metered electricity
  • Fire sprinklers
  • Central ventilation
  • 71' Access drives
  • Interior lighting
  • Ceiling and door insulated
  • Email notification when door is opened
  • 24 x 7 access
  • 2 security gates
  • Motion sensitive LED exterior lighting
  • 2 trash dumpsters
  • Wash rack 25' x 100'
  • 2 dump stations
  • 16 security cams viewable from smart phone
  • Smart phone app to open doors and gates
  • Pressure washers

Please contact:
Ted Deits
Developer of Eucalyptus at Beaumont
Cal DRE #02016837
W.H Brown, Inc


New Storage Condo Financing
Up to 30 Year Amortizations
Quick Approvals

How to Buy a Storage Condo

Buying a storage condo is no different than any other typical California real estate. Generally there is a Realtor involved, and the closing and financial aspects are handled though a licenced Escrow Agent. We generally use Fidelity National Title in Palm Desert. You are provided with a Deed and seller provided Title Insurance.

You may use most any entity you wish to hold title, such as a trust, individual, or company/corporate ownership. Each garage has its own Accessors Parcel Number (APN) and you pay property taxes, generally at the rate of 1.4% of the sales price per year. Closing costs are generally about 1.5 - 2% % of the sales price, but that varies depending on the time of year as the pro rations of taxes, HOA dues and other variable charges change by the date closed.

If you have further questions, feel free to call Ted Deits, Developer of this project at 714-928-0527

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