Discussion and door replacement quotes
Download replacement quotes and discussion HERE
WIFI Discussion and Password
As of Tuesday, April 16th, 2024, the WIFI system has been installed in all of the garages at EAB.

Network Name: Eucalyptus
Password: EAB@Beaumont2022!
(Case counts)

I was out there showing garages this weekend and I spot checked a few empty garages and found the speed to be more than excellent. Something on the order of 70+ mbps. You can easily stream videos. The cost to operate the WIFI system is ZERO dollars. It basically amplifies our existing internet service to be able to broadcast the signal into the garages.

So what’s the big deal with WIFI? Well, it fills some of the technology gaps at our property that have been elusive over the last year or two.

First off, since PTI, our security software vendor seems to be uncapable of providing what they have promised, we can now enroll our own systems that will do the exact same thing, only without any extra charges. Once we dump PTI and the Easy Code, we will be saving about $3,000 per year, and about a $1,000,000 worth of aggravation. Personally, I like to be independent of any service provider if possible.

If you decide to upgrade your garage door opener system, you can use the built in “MyQ” app. This app tells you if your door is opened or closed. It instantly lets you know when your door is opened. It also allows you to open or close your door from anywhere. I also believe it will tell you the temperature of your garage. Thousands of people use this app, and are very happy with it. Oh yeah, it’s free! (But you must replace your door opener system) Quotes for the door openers are on our WEBSITE HERE See – FOR MYQ INFORMATION.

Additionally, you may have heard of Ring cameras. These are small, inexpensive cameras that sense movement and send live video right to your cell phone the instant the camera detects movement in your garage. (Even outside your garage if you like) I have two at my house and they are pretty much flawless. Also, the service is free, unless you want to have their system save any movement videos on their servers. There are also many other security camera options as well form other vendors. The setup is super simple and easy. See RING.COM

If you have the desire, you can add Alexa or other voice control devices.

Need I say it, but you can stream pretty much any TV app you want, since we have tons of bandwidth. Please only use it when you are in your garage.

Please enjoy. There will be more to come soon.

Easy Code Setup (OBSOLETE)

Security Camera Set up for PC / Mac Iphone / Andriod / Blackberry

If you have an Iphone, go the "App Store" and search for an app called "IDVR-Pro". Do the same for your android and Blackberry device in their respective app stores. The app is free and is a very fast download.

Now that you have the app on your phone, open it and go to "settings". This is where we will enter the network configuration menu.

NOTE - You will need a username and password in order to complete the entire setup. Call Candice Martinez @ 951-367-0487 She is our property manager) or call Ted Deits at 714-928-0527 for both the ID and Password.
  • DVR/NVR Nickname (enter any name you wish. Beaumont Cams seems to be popular)
  • IP Address or Domain name (note case CoUnTs): 00115f4f31c5.dvrlink.net
  • HTTP PORT: 8081
  • RTSP PORT: 5554
  • DVR/NVR ID (can't publish this on the net. Call Candice Martinez @ 951-367-0487 She is our property manager) or call Ted Deits at 714-928-0527 for both the ID and Paswsword.
Download Operations Manual with printed instructions - (Updated 4/16/2018) Operations Manaul .PDF

Colton Truck Terminal Garage

863 E Valley Blvd
Colton, CA 92324
(909) 825-4080
Truck Terminal's Web Site

Millers Mobile RV Service

Brad Miller (951)436-6822
Brad Jr (951)807-4363

We have used Brad here many times. He is very reliable, and very honest and fair with his pricing. I have only received great reviews from clients who have used him.
925 E. Lincoln Ste, Ste A
Banning, CA
Contact - Lorenzo
Cell - Click to call - 909-208-7130
Office - Click to call - 951-922-1198

Precision Garage Door
7164 Wamego Trail, Ste D
Yucca Valley, CA 92264
Cell 760-401-5815
Our garage doors are Clopay Model T-42S, vinyl back insulated. Specs HERE (.PDF)
Our garage door operators are Chamberlain Model ATS 2113X Owners Manual Download (.PDF)

Garage Door Openers - Available Through our Property Manager - Candace Martinez

Email- Candace Martinez
Direct phone - 951-367-0487
Cell phone - 714-501-3037
General phone - 951-367-0487

To order openers on line, go to Contact page. Scroll to the bottom of the page and complete the form. Openers will be billed to your HOA account and supplied to you pre programmed.

Garage Door Weather Stripping - American Door Supply - 800-233-1487

Garage Door Weather Stripping

Weather stripping really helps control the dust that may intrude your garage. Easy to install, they simply clip onto the side jamb of your door. Sold by the foot. Each door requires 28' (14' on each side). We suggest you order 30' just in case of a cutting error. Also, be certain to order White. It will blend into your door.
Order HERE, Remember - White Only Part number WRJB

Property Management

Effective 4-15-2016

Property Manager:
Candace Martinez

Email- Candace Martinez
Direct phone - 951-367-0487
Cell phone - 714-501-3037
General phone - 951-367-0487
Maintenance Requests - 951-777-0820

Emergency phone - 951-777-0820

Meagan Walker
Operations / Finance Manager

Email - Meagan Walker
Phone - 951-367-0487
Fax - 866-649-4737

Office Location:
First Choice Property Management

4804 Arlington Ave, Suite A
Riverside, CA 92504
Phone: (951) 367-0487
Fax: (866) 649-4737

Pagel Fire Protection (909) 886-1362

Brad Pagel
4396 N Sierra Way
San Bernardino, CA 92407

Provides testing, service and maintenance of all fire protection. He was the contractor who orginally installed the fire systems here.


Original electrical contractor for this project. They can install additional power outlets, RV style 50 AMP, lighting, and general electrical maintenance

252 W. 4th Street #F
Beaumont, CA 92223
Web Site

Bannister and Associates Insurance - 714-536-6086

Rich Higgins
Commercial Lines Manager
305 17th Street
Huntington Beach, CA 92648
Phone: 714-536-6086
Fax: 714-536-4054
CA Lic. #0691071
Web Site

New Landscaping Along Maple

Landscaping - Eucalyptus at Beaumont
June 18th, 2019

I am happy to report the values of our property has exceeded even my wildest expectations. Recent sales are showing per square foot values in excess of $160 plus. Units are selling in days, in fact sometimes in hours. Word on the RV Storage street is we are the place to be. Seldom do we need to even advertise, as units are selling with one phone call. Smaller, off size units are taking a bit more time to sell. The hot portion of the market is for the 13 x 50’s and the 17 x 50’s. This holds true with the Palm Springs project as well. I can see $180 per square foot in the very near future.

In order to continue this upward trend in prices, we need to keep our property in tip top condition. So far, we have accomplished that with aggressive painting and lighting upgrades. However, if you have a chance, take a walk down Maple Ave., and you will see what is rapidly becoming a visual blight. This is a black eye on our property.

The pine trees have matured to the point where they are shading the Jasmine ground cover and killing it. The areas that are dying are being replaced by weeds. It is to the point where we cannot control it. It really looks terrible.

With board approval, we have retained a landscape architect to provide us with some ideas on how to fix the landscaping along Maple Ave. The concept is to remove the dying ground cover and replace it with more of a desert landscape. We will place landscape rock in place of the ground cover, and plant low maintenance, low water plantings. Naturally, this will come at a substantial cost. Likely the biggest cost will be the removal of the ground cover. It is thick, dense, and matted and very labor intensive.

We have not put this out to bid yet, so the costs I will mention are simply a reasonable estimate. If we gain approval on the expenditure, at that point we will put it out to bid to get final costs.

We will do this in two phases. The first phase will be to replant along Maple Ave., to the front entrance. The second phase will be to continue the same theme from the entrance west to the property line shared with Dura Plastics next door. The second phase will probably be a year later and will probably not require an assessment.

The estimated cost to replant Maple is estimated at about $50,000. Yes, I know, “Ouch”. A big part of the expenditure will be the removal of the existing ground cover and installing / converting the sprinklers to drip irrigation. At the very least we will save on irrigation costs moving forward. While the idea of an assessment does not sit well with me or to you, the fact is we have to be aggressive in our maintenance of the property. I think we will all see rewards down the road by way of increased property values and continuing our rein of being the best storage facility in the nation.

While this will likely become an agenda item for our annual meeting in December, so we all need to give this careful thought and consideration. While we do have funds in the reserves, this would be too much of a drain, leaving us vulnerable if an emergency arises.

It has been suggested that the assessment be broken into two payments of $250 each, spaced apart by 6 months. This, of course is subject to changes based on condo owner’s sentiment, and what the actual cost may end up being.

I have uploaded the suggested landscape plans and plant palettes on the web site with links below.

Landscape Plan Part One

Landscape Plan Part Two

(760) 776-6782

Kimberly Larby
AVP, Escrow Officer, Notary Public
Fidelity National Title
Major Accounts/Builder Services
40004 Cook Street, Suite 2
Palm Desert, CA 92211
(760) 776-6782 Direct
(760) 408-3322 Mobile
(760) 776-5125 Fax

Beatrice Moore
Escrow Assistant, Notary Public

Robert Lesko

Corporate Headquarters:
5650 El Camino Real #100
Carlsbad, CA 92008
Toll: (800) 383-4932
Local: (760) 448-1760
Fax: (760) 448-1761

Secure Systems Integration (805)375-1600

Alarm (Fire and burgular monitoring)

SSI - 800-228-0580 Call this number in case of a false alarm. ID yourself as "MSK Eucalyptus at Beaumont, 671 E 3rd Street, Beaumont CA"

Field Service
Harold - Cell - 951-634-2032
Harold is the on sight repair person. I generally call or text him directly. He is very responsive but does travel quite a bit.

Field Sales
David Browning

SSI Main Office (805)375-1600
Jocelyn Duarte
Administrative Manager
SSI Inc.
2625 Townsgate Rd. Ste#330
Westlake Village, CA 91362

Security System Software

Security System Software

This software system is the best in its class. This software controls access to the facility, door security, keypads, remote controls, emailed door alerts, fire systems, burglar alarm system, logs all owners in and out of the system. About our Security System Support is pretty good too. Generally, unless you have strong knowledge of the operation of the system, you should first have Harold or SSI look at the problem. They will advise you on whether or not to call for software support.
Support is via a web based form that you will have to fill out. They will then call you back to help you with the problem. Annoying at first, but it actually works pretty well. Go HERE to start the support process

Sarabia Cleaning

Maria Sarabia
2156 W. Jefferson Street
Banning, CA 92220
(951) 951-3825
The electrical billing is done internally, not through SCE.

SCE bills our facility one general bill for all electrical use. We have installed Sub Meters, that measure the electrical usage for each unit owner. Since this is a commercial project, if SCE were to do the billing, the monthly meter fee as of 5/1/2016 is .836 cent per day or $25.08 per month without any electrical usage.

See SCE meter rates HERE (.pdf download)

The developer of the facility recognized these large monthly fees, and considering monthly use is generally less the $10 per month, it seemed unfair. So the private sub meters were installed to avoid the large SCE recurring fees.

The meter fee has been established at $5 per meter per month, to allow payment to someone to read 107 meters every month, and produce 107 invoices, and pay the postage to mail them out. The electrical bills (reimbursements) are sent out every three months.

By law, we cannot, nor do we mark up the electrical charges, and we are allowed to charge up to $9 per month for meter reading. We only chage $5. You are charged exactly the same rate as the facility is charged by SCE. Each month, the rate we are charged changes, due to season, demand and other factors. Since the rates change every month, we are forced to read the meters each month to make it as fair as possible to everyone.
Use this section only for mamagers of Eucalyptus at Beaumont. There is no useful information others
System log on tutorial Here
Easy Code- access code issuing Here
Changing or adding access codes (remote control and PIN numbers) Here
Opening doors and gates from system. Here
Setting up email alerts (adding email addresses) Here
Disable or enable alarms Here
Vacate or add new owner Here
Download Operations Manual (Updated 4/16/2018 Operations Manaul .PDF
For those renting or leasing their units, below is a link to the Business and Professions code that goes into detail about how to legally evict, lock out, or begin the lien sale process.
Business and Professions Code - Sections 21700-21716