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We are here to help. If you have questions about this project that are not covered here, feel free to call us at 714-928-0527.

Yes. The ownership is just the same as a residential condominium. You own the land and the building, fee simple and every garage comes with title insurance paid by the seller
Yes there will be. Currently the monthly fees are $59 per month, per garage door. Dues are paid every 6 months. The monthly fees pay for landscaping, water, common area electricity, facilities maintenance, insurance and common area lighting.
While all of the original units are sold out, we do have resales available from time to time -

There are four standard sizes available. Most all the units have a standard depth of fifty feet (50') with a few at thirty five feet (34'), and all have door heights of 14'. The main variable is the width of each unit. Standard widths are 11'0" 13', 17',24', and 27' with 10', 12', 16', or 20' wide sectional doors respectively. Some Units can be combined to create a 27' x 50' units, or can also be combined end to end to create units up to 100' deep. The only buildings that allow combining is the "H" Buildings.
Yes, there are some restrictions. Noise levels, pollutants, fire hazards, outside storage etc. Frankly, nothing more than common sense items. RV's, cars, ATV, Dune Buggies Boats, Go Carts, etc. In other words, if your vehicle is "fun" it is allowed in this project. You may also store household, commercial, business items. Commercial vehicles are not allowed, i.e., Tractors, dump trucks, graders etc. Of course, before you actually purchase a unit, a complete legal version of the CC&R's will be provided to you as required by law.
Yes, two in fact. They are located as you exit the facility near the entrance, on either side of each driveway.
Yes. At the middle building nearest the entrance. The space between the first and second building is a 25' x 100' area. This serves as the wash area, easily holding two maybe three RV's or boats, end to end.
Each unit will be individually metered. When you buy your unit, you will sign up for individual electrical metering You will then receive a bill every three months for usage.
Yes some are. We have designed the units in building "H" so the dividing partition can be removed so any two units, side by side can be combined. The middle building can have two units combined side by side as well as end to end, creating a space as large as 27' x 100', with doors at either end, creating a "pull through".
We used the turning radius of a semi to figure that one out. As it turns out, 60' is optimum, we ended up adding a few feet just to make certain those with 5th wheels and 45' coaches will have ample maneuvering room. So, the width ended up at 71'.
Without question, the answer is no.
You can certainly store items assoicated with a business, but operating the business out of a unit is not allowed.
Yes, without question. In designing these units, I had that purpose in mind. I live in a Condominium project, and there are stiff restrictions on using your garage for anything but parking a car in it. How nice, I thought, if I could create a space for people like myself, to go in and tinker with my car, boat, rv etc.
I see no reason why not. That is one of the driving forces behind this project. I like to call it "ManLand". A place to go and tinker.
In the original design there were, however, the issue of people attempting to live in these units is a problem with the City of Beaumont. If we included bathrooms in each unit, then we could be sending a message that living in the units is acceptable. So, we removed the bathrooms, in favor of community bathrooms and showers located in the club house.
Yes yes yes! My Architect and I arm wrestled over this issue. I insisted there be a clubhouse since RVers and Car and Boat guys are social animals. They/we like to get together to talk cars, camping, boating whatever. This to me is an important part of the community. The Clubhouse is approx 2700 sq ft., located near the entrance to the property. And yes, there is a big screen TV in the clubhouse. In the clubhouse there are restrooms, showers, laundry facilities, WIFI, comfy chairs etc.
Yes, we have financing available. See our finance page HERE
Yes. There are no restrictions in renting out your unit.
Without question yes. Security is a top priority as far as I am concerned. I am certain there will be some valuable items stored in this community. Security cameras to cover all the common area, as well as at the entrance to the facility. All activity will be recorded on a DVR, as well as anyone entering or leaving the project. Each owner will have his or her own security code and access keys. Additionally, Owners will have the option of viewing the security cams live via the internet.
We do not have an onsite manager. Our property manger is off site but available 24 x 7
11'0" x 38', 13' x 50', 17' x 40' or 50', 24' x 34', and 27' x 50' all have a 14' sectional door. Some units may be combined side to side and end to end, doubling the width or depth of combined units.
Yes. The tallest RV allowed in California is 13'6". Our doors will have a clear height of 14'. No problem there.
The units come with an alarm system on each door. Monitoring is provided by the association. You may have the option to install your own private cameras.
Yes. Remember, you own this project. You can access the property any time you wish, including holidays.